Tranquil Inspiration


In the past month, I have been fortunate enough to receive inspiration, positive energy, and education from Kimberly Wilson of Tranquility du Jour! Last month, it was a four day retreat in West Virginia. Yesterday, her first stop on the Tranquility Tour in my hometown neighbor of Philadelphia. Kimberly is a yoga instructor, artist, social worker, philanthropist, author, & much more. There are many things that have resonated with me since getting to know her – online and in person. Overall, what’s been so important is the inspiration that comes from her.

I’ve always been into the idea of creating something important – personally and professionally. Thankfully for me, in my profession and with my experiences, that gets to over-lap quite a bit! I’ve learned so much more than I could ever express about human behavior, cultures, diversity, sexuality, feelings & emotions, interpersonal effectiveness, communication, tolerance, acceptance, and self-care. This is not only in my structured learning environments of school, internships, and on-the-job training. It is so much more so in my daily interactions with people. I’ve learned so much about people, life, and of myself in working with the diversity of clients I have had. I am very grateful for this knowledge.

So what is the next step? How can I continue to evolve and reach others – not just face to face but on a larger scale? For now, it is going to be here on this blog. With inspiration from others and a sparked creativity and passion inside of me, it is falling into place what I need to do. I will continue to write on this blog & create a resource sharing center on this website. In thinking about dreams and goals – one day there will be workshops, speakings at conferences, and retreats.

Dream big! Write it down! Tell a loved one! Create some accountability in your execution of your dreams – don’t keep it a secret anymore.

Journal prompt: What kind of life do you want? How can you create that in the future? How can you create that today?



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