Self-Imposed Pressure

Dear followers, it has been almost a year since I have written to you. My apologies! Life has been so busy with settling into our new home, preparing for our wedding, and other day to day life stress and adventures! I’ve been thinking a lot about the website & blog lately. I’ve been feeling more inspired to write, create, and connect. I also want to acknowledge that I’ve started to write several times but have hesitated. The reason? Self-doubt.

I talk often to my clients about self-doubt and indecisiveness. In reference to my creativity (including journaling, crafting, and blogging) I have been victim to my own self-imposed pressure. It’s the pressure of perfectionism, something that runs deep for me. There is a picture of me that my husband loves to bring up to describe me. I’m maybe 4 years old, sitting in front of my Little Tykes table with little animals laid out in front of me. What’s funny is how they are lined up – all different animals and little plastic figurines lined up perfectly like little soldiers! Clearly my need to organize and for things to be just so is nothing new!

It can be really hard to let go of that. All I can do is try. There will always be some sort of pressure and potential for self-doubt, if you allow it in. I have wasted so much thought and energy worrying about what other people think at the expense of being my true self. I’m going to continue to work on being the best I can be each day while allowing room for mistakes. I hope that you can continue to work on being kind to yourself. Take risks and make mistakes! It is all opportunity to learn.

Please write me with ideas for topics & what you would like to see more of on this site!

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