Remaining Well While on Vacation


While spending the weekend in beautiful Cape May, I am reminded of several things. I am reminded first of all how wonderful this town is – how cute, magical, and peaceful. I am grateful for the opportunity to take trips away from home. I am grateful that my fiancé and I are able to take time for ourselves. I am grateful for his company, and his patience for my love of boutique shopping 😉

I am also reminded that no matter where you go, that’s where you are. By this I mean that we have to remember to perform self-care, exercise mindfulness, and be kind to our inner child. Even on vacation. Despite being surrounded by serenity, triggers may pop up unexpectedly. Being prepared with a self-soothing plan – using your five senses to ground you into your environment – can be a sure way to help you back down from that spiral into anxiety or depression.

Ask yourself: What do I see? What do I feel or touch (i.e. temperature, fabric)? What do I hear? What do I smell? What do I taste (i.e. chewing gum, a hard candy, a lingering taste of coffee or green tea)? Bring yourself back to the present. Tell yourself: It is 2013. I am (fill in the blank) years old. I am in this location (fill in the blank here too). I am in the here and now. Tell yourself if it feels appropriate to do so: I am safe.

Often we can experience an out of body feeling, which can coincide with the slippery slope of what-if thinking. We are shifting from present to past, or present to future and are not enjoying or experiencing the present moment.

A lovely gift from boutique owner Crystal Hardin at the Mermaid’s Cove is this book I am reading through, “Heart of a Buddha”. Here are some quotes to remind us of how to be in our present moment.

“We are what we think.”
“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”
“Nothing is permanent. Nothing is worthy of anger. Nothing is worthy of dispute. Nothing.”
“Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Take time to slow down and be present as your summer begins to wind down into the new year of autumn.

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