I am a big advocate of journaling. Why journal? It will make you slow down, organize your thoughts, reflect and/or plan, and most importantly force you to make time to yourself. What else is great about journaling? There are no rules! You can write everyday, once a week, or just when you feel like it. You can draw, doodle, and write incomplete sentences. Your journal isn’t for anyone but you! So start wiring!

Six Ways Journaling Will Change Your Life
Journaling Tips to Help You Heal, Grow, & Thrive
119 Journal Prompts – Not sure where to start? Here are some great starter ideas!
Art Journaling 101 – One of my favorite activities! If you love to craft, draw, collage, etc, then you would love art journaling!
Art Journaling Samples  

Art Journaling Prompts – So many theme ideas and prompts!

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